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Why Earth Friendly Dog Pads Are a Better Alternative of Regular Pee Pads

Why Earth Friendly Dog Pads Are a Better Alternative of Regular Pee Pads

Do you know a regular puppy pad takes more than 500 years to decompose itself? Just think how much impact it will have on our planet. Adding to it, some of the pads are not even biodegradable at all.

But you cannot refrain from using puppy pads because they are a convenient option for dogs that are left alone at home by their owners when they go to work. So it is better to switch on to biodegradable puppy pads from a provider like us, to stay responsible towards the environment and to enjoy the comfort of maintaining your dog with care. We deal in several ranges of puppy pads available in the form of real grass patch which let your dog to perform his daily task in a relaxed manner.

If you are confused about buying these natural grass patch for your pet then you should know a few facts beforehand.

Suitable for Small Homes

Especially recommended for elderly dogs, who cannot hold their urine and poop, these puppy pads are useful for people who live in apartments where space is always a concern.

There is the absence of a fenced yard when you live in an apartment, which serves as the ideal ground for dog’s potty and pee. Moreover, if you are an apartment dweller, you may not be able to take out your dog every time they feel the urge to pee or poop. From a practical point of view, these puppy pads are ideal to be used as part-time or regularly depending on the nature of their dogs.

They Fit into All Dogs

They can be used for any size of dogs, small, big and medium. The urine is naturally soaked in the grass and only solid waste gets deposited beneath the tray which you need to clean daily. These patches have the capacity to absorb odor. They can last up to one month but it is advisable to replace them in every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain better hygiene for your dog. Your dog will naturally run over the patch as they are made from real grass.

There is no harm buying these natural grasses which give tremendous comfort. They are a wonderful invention when it comes to providing the best comfort ground for your dog to release the potty and urine. Many dog owners have benefited by using them.

They serve as the best training potty tool for your dog. There is no reason for which you should stay away from using these grass patches for your dogs.

So give your dog the best care with our high-quality dog pads.