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Why Dogs Need Indoor Potty Litter Box?

Why Dogs Need Indoor Potty Litter Box?

Are you among those, who love dogs but scarred of the potty part? This is the most difficult part of owning a dog as many times it minimizes the happiness you get from your puppy. However thanks to technology, this can also be taken care of with the help of an indoor dog litter box.

Indoor Potty Litter Box

Naturally, it will be a little difficult initially to instill this habit on your dog. But nothing is impossible if you have patience. It is said that though this litter box is actually for small puppies, but with training, a matured dog can also be adapted to it.

This is an essential thing for every dog owner to maintain an indoor potty litter box which will help you in many situations, for example-

  • It is more convenient than a puppy pad because you do not require cleaning it often unlike a pad which you cannot leave long.
  • Having an indoor potty litter box will help you to manage in situations when you leave and will go for business trips. You will feel the peace of mind and your house will shine as always.
  • It gives an easy access to your dog whenever he or she feels the urge. It is a very handy item for people who live in high rise apartments and do not have a garden.
  • If your dog is old and cannot move out to do the potty
  • If it is raining outside

dog potty pads

You may have to try for several months before your dog finally starts using it. Actually, it involves the same amount of training and encouragement to put a dog in the habit for all types of potty training devices.

You should start a step by step training for your dog. Set the time for their food and water in the entire day in repeated intervals and encourage them to go to the indoor potty litter box. Use some familiar words to attract attention. It is said that after training, your dog usually excrete after a few minutes. However, if your dog is old, at first he will be adamant not to use it. But when you see him using it after repeated training, then do some cuddling.

An indoor potty litter box is usually placed in a large tub. These tubs come in different varieties. Some come with a double layer with grass on top and a small box underneath to collect the waste. The box should be big enough so that your dog can move comfortably.

Moreover, the boundary of these boxes should be lower so that your dog can easily climb it. For male dogs, the boundary should be kept higher because of their leg lifting nature when doing the pee.

puppy pee pads

One thing you must remember while using an indoor potty litter box - you should keep the box in a convenient location at your home. Choose a corner which is not directly visible from your living room or kitchen. If you have cats at home, then use a separate indoor potty litter box. Otherwise, they will fight for their respected territories.

So, if you are planning to buy an indoor potty litter box in Canada, you should contact us. We offer high-quality puppy pads made of biodegradable grass for dogs in a cost-effective manner, by sitting on which your dog will enjoy finishing the potty work.