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How to train your puppy for the poop and pee session? Training or pad? What’s better?

How to train your puppy for the poop and pee session? Training or pad? What’s better?

There’s so much fun to have a puppy around in your home. But sometimes, it gets messy too. From dealing with his various moods to maintaining the tidiness, we, as humans have to pay attention to our puppies, because that’s the least we can do for them for better adoption to our home environment.

Teaching your puppy the potty basics will ease your struggle to keep your home clean and free from the potty smell. Of course it takes time to make a new member understand the rules, but the results are worth the effort. To our knowledge, shouting or getting frustrated will lead you nowhere. Only a consistent, calm and positive way will create the change.

Puppies are like kids and we cannot ignore the excitement that surrounds them on having a new home, new environment and new people. Training your puppies begin right away the moment they step in the house. Don’t let them explore your place fully. Let them have access to limited areas of your home because; obviously you don’t want their messy work to be done on all the places.

It is an essential step to know your puppies well, their breed, behavior and other things that will help you have a nice time with your puppy. Their language is different but it’s the verbal and body language only that serve the purpose here.

They signal before poop and pee!

A close observation tells you everything. When a puppy has an urge to poop or pee, he signals you with the circling, scratching and sniffing around a particular area. Don’t let him do that in, rather show him the way outside.

To make him stop, clap or say “Stop.” This should not be done in a way to scare the dog. His attention will be on you once you make this sound and lead him outdoors then. After a few attempts, the dog will understand your not liking his pooping inside.
Punishment is a big no!

If you do so, you won’t be able to develop good relations with your dog and he will start to ignore you.Choose a particular place for your puppy to poop and pee. The puppy may not remember the exact place but he’ll do it somewhere around.

For your too cute, too small puppy, potty pads will do the rescue…

If he’s just too small even to walk properly, there’s no doubt that he won’t be able to catch up with what you are trying to convey to your puppy. In this case, you can buy puppy pads. These puppy pads will handle the poop and pee and with these you don’t have to worry about the mess. The puppy potty pad can be changed regularly with ease. You can use them during your short or long trips without having to bother about checking the suitable place for your puppy. It saves your time as well as mess in a clean and beautiful location.

Though it is always better to train your puppy for the long run, in the initial stages when puppy is too small to do on his own, opting these pads become a better option.

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