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How to Train your Dog to Use Litter Box?

How to Train your Dog to Use Litter Box?

Everyone loves a dog, but no one loves to clean the waste of a dog! At times, majority of dog owners gets infuriated in cleaning the debris and wastes of a dog especially when they come back after a hectic day schedule. Of course, it’s not an ideal way to train your pet to eliminate inside the home; however, in some situations training a dog to use a litter box can benefit you.

For instance, if you have long working hours, then litter box will help you since you won’t have to fret regarding the dog. Or if your dog is too old or sick then it will give your mind a relaxation and peace. Get in touch with Pee Padz, if you are planning to buy an indoor dog litter box as here you can find quality ones at affordable prices.

However, the main thing is how to train your dog to use litter box. In this tutorial, we will see how to properly train a dog to use litter box. Let’s get started!

Observe the Signs

The foremost step that you need to do is to recognize the time when your dog will eliminate. In general, the most common timings are just after eating or drinking, walking, playing etc. The best things about dogs are that you can easily observe the signs, by which you can identify that your dog is looking for someplace to eliminate. Some signs may incorporate restiveness, roaming here and there, scratching the floor and so on.

So, whenever you observe such indications, take your pet immediately to the area where litter box is placed. If your dog eliminates on a litter box, appreciate or reward them with appetizing treats.

Reward Them

If you notice that your dog is not eliminating in the box, then try the training again after some time. Reward your dog with something every time when they use litter box for potty endeavor. Once they start using litter box, start by rewarding mouth-watering meals and also introduce life rewards simply for their pleasing behaviors.

If you fed your dog in a proper schedule then they will eliminate in the same schedule. So, this way you will get succeed in training your dog to use litter box as you will get familiar with their potty timings.

Clean Up Accidents Properly

If you observe that your dog eliminates in other areas of your home, ensure to clean it immediately with a proper cleaning product that is specifically designed for cleaning pet’s debris and wastes. Making utilization of cleaning products that are intended for some other purpose will not work well in case of dogs since they can sense smell much better than us.

The smell will give them a cue that they have to eliminate again in a similar area, so make sure to clean it well in order to avoid such issues. Choose us if you are looking for  puppy potty pad as here you can find pads made of high-quality real grass that will serve the purpose of training well.

It seems that training a dog to use litter box is quite tough, however, if you follow the process step-by-step then it will get easier for you and you can easily train your dog in a minimal time frame.