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How to Potty Train Your Dog When You Live in an Apartment

How to Potty Train Your Dog When You Live in an Apartment

Dog potty pads look comfortable and stylish but the difficult part is their training. As a city dweller, if you are living in an apartment, you will not have the luxury of a backyard garden. In such a situation, you will prefer to train your dogs using an indoor potty pad. For everyone, cleanliness is of utmost importance. You will never want poop lying here and there in your house. If you are looking for such a convenient option, then you are welcome to our online site called Pee Padz to get the indoor pee pads for dogs. They are available in tray form that is hundred percent leaks proof.

Potty Training is Important

The potty pads are beneficial for old dogs or for a dog that you have just brought home. If you live in a multi-storied building it is difficult to get the puppy down for potty. When a puppy gets old, he cannot hold the urine. Apart from that, it will prevent any of your family members slipping on the pee or potty at home.

Most of the dogs prefer to do pee in silence. Therefore such a pad should be kept in the area where there is no frequent movement happens, for example, your laundry area. Your doggy has a tendency to chew or smell whenever he sees anything. So, you should be careful about cleaning the pad on time.

Dogs are habituated to go outside for potty or pee and it will take time to develop the habit of doing it on indoor pee pads. The importance of the scent of grass you cannot ignore. They play a crucial role in telling them to do their job in a certain place. You can purposefully place some of his urine in the grass pee pads. This enables him to establish the connection between the pee and the new puppy pads.

Best quality dogs potty pads

Keep a leash on his neck and whenever you sense your dog is about to do the pee or poop, you should utter a specific word and take him to the pad. When he finishes the job, always encourage him by giving biscuit or a simple hug or cuddle. This will compel your dog to think about the reward every time he goes to the potty pads. This process will need several repetitions before your dog finally develops the habit of going to the potty grass on his own.

Never yell at your puppy, if he does a mistake sometimes. Continue using a leash for several days and stand with him while he releases poop. Allow him some time, and he will never upset you.

Buy the best quality dogs potty pads from us. They are pet-friendly, soft and affordable. Additionally, they are super easy to clean. They are a good potty training item for apartment dwellers.