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Controlling or giving way to the pee-pooping dogs!

Controlling or giving way to the pee-pooping dogs!
Dogs become our family members in no time. From small puppies to grown up dogs, they share lots of memories throughout the time. We love them, train them and for their own good try to do the best that we can. Their small signs are enough to tell us what and how they fee.  They too understand our emotions.

They run around moving their tails, licking us, giving their love. Dogs love playing with us and we also share a good time with them. But there comes a day when we realize that they have few years left. As born by the grace of God, these special animals get a special time to make our lives beautiful.

It is always hard for us to accept the fact that they’ve grown old. They can no longer run like they used to when they were puppies. They turn moody, growl sometimes, expressing their frustration and sadness. We aren’t able to help it sometimes.
First step in not letting them pee is to train them. Though it depends a lot on the breed of the dog, but we can at least make the dog learn where to pee. This requires dedication and understanding that to not push the dog and make them do what you want. This will be not less than a punishment for him and he won’t like you if you do so.

Habit needs to be developed from the beginning. But in case you are too late to do so, do not worry. Dogs spending enough time in your home give you the advantage of understanding from both sides. If you have paid attention to your dog while his pooping and peeing, you will be able to train him better. You will easily know his before poop and pee behavior. It isn’t tough to let him learn as he’ll trust you and follow you in what you say.

Praising is another key to making the pattern of not pooping and peeing more obvious. You can treat him with delicious surprises that he craves for. This gives him confidence to do it more. If you can’t help it, pads will do the thing!
Some dogs are stubborn, some lazy and some aggressive. It becomes difficult to deal with them. They know you won’t stop them, so have the freedom to poop and pee wherever they like. Even if you try, they growl at you. When you know it’s late now or your dog might be getting too old to run under urgent poop and pee case, dog potty and pee pads bring the perfect solution.

We understand really well that we can’t control the nature’s call and dogs have the same reason too. These comfortable and light pads can be wrapped on the dog and changed once becomes dirty. Different sizes in pads let it fit your puppy well. You can use them while on a journey with you without bothering about finding the right place for them. Next time you attend a party with your dog and you let them free, dog pads will save the place from dog’s urinating and defecating.

These pads can make them happy and they don’t have to undergo the embarrassment too.

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