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Choosing Best Indoor Dog Potty for Your Dog

Choosing Best Indoor Dog Potty for Your Dog
Every dog owner wants to take their outside for potty all year round. But, sometimes due to various reasons like the place of living. in high rise building with little open space, health and mobility issues of the owner they cannot take the dog out. Also, it is difficult for older dogs who lose control over the bladder with age.

However, you can resolve all these issues by choosing the best indoor dog potty for your dog. We provide various indoor dog potty options to choose from; depending on various criteria you can choose the best one which suits your needs. There are multiple options like fake grass for dogs, dog potty litter box and much more in the market these days. You can refer to our guide and look for the best for your dog.

What is Indoor Dog Potty?

If you are a new dog owner, you might be aware of only the traditional dog potty methods like pee pads or newspaper which you can place at a particular spot in your home. However, these days you can buy fake grass for your dogs which include the tray which can slide out and you can easily empty the litter.  These days both real and artificial grass comes to solve this purpose.
Just like the litter box for cats, now dog potty litter box is also launched which works similarly as the cat one does. Once you finally decide to train your dog for indoor potty, you can try different types of dog potty available and choose which works best for you and your dog. One of the main benefits of choosing fake grass for dogs is that it works just like the natural environment and makes it easier for the dog.

Reasons to use Indoor Dog potty

There are multiple reasons to choose an indoor dog potty for your dog. We are listing some of them below for your reference.

  1. Health and Mobility issues for owners: Sometimes dog owners have health issues due to which they cannot take their dog outside every time they need. In such cases, dogs need a place where they can go inside the home. Even if the dog owner is perfectly fine, but falls sick due to some reason, indoor dog potty can be of great help in such emergency cases.
  2. Convalescent Dogs:  Indoor dog potty is also a good option for dogs that are older and suffering from convalescing.  Older dogs need for physical and emotional support of their owners.
  3. Apartment Dwellers: If you live in a high rise building and have limited access to the backyard and real grass, then indoor dog potty will be of great help. You don’t have to worry about taking the dog out every time.

Types of Indoor Dog Potties

Here at Pee Padz, we provide you with a great range of Indoor Dog Potty products. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Pee Pads:  Pee pads are the most commonly used indoor potty training methods. It is almost as old as the time’s people started using newspaper.  Pee pad is like a small pad with an absorbent layer which prevents leakage and can be placed in any corner of your house. At Pee Padz, we make sure to deliver you the best quality pee pads which are built with Anti-Leakage Technology. They are 100% stylish and 20% biodegradable. Also, it is very easy to use with Peel and Stick tabs on the bottom. The pads are also slightly scented which acts as a powerful attractant to the dog.
  2. Dog Potty Litter Box: Litter Box is a great option if your dog is used to going in the sand. They offer a great advantage as it absorbs the dog’s pee and contains solid waste in the closed container. Since it absorbs the pee, it remains odor free mostly. They are available in different designs, shapes, sizes and colors. They can be really useful if you have small dogs at home.
  3. Real Grass: These days’ companies have started growing real grass for indoor potty use. It has a well-established root system which absorbs any odor that dog leaves after using it in the bathroom. You need to toss the old potty, the grass recycles itself after that. This indoor dog potty option is slightly expensive as compared to other products. But at the same time, is it easy to clean and odor free.
  4. Artificial Grass: This indoor potty is less expensive than real grass, but it can be useful if your dog likes to go in the grass as it provides a similar feel. It comes with a tray underneath which can be pulled out to clean up. It is preferred to clean this every day to make the home odor-free. It can be cleaned with a spray and water. You can use it for a long time if you maintain it properly.
  5. Grate: The grate indoor dog potty consists of a pan and a detachable grate that is connected at the top of the pan. The dog uses the grate to go to the bathroom, once he steps away the grate is tilted and waste goes into the pan. You can simply take out the pan and dispose of the waste. Also, the grate can be removed and cleaned separately. The grate is made of tough plastic which will not bend or twist when the dog steps on it. This product can be used for multiple numbers of times.

Now you are familiar with multiple options for your dog indoor potty needs. You can go through our website and read for each product in details. We sell good quality of these products which will make your life a lot simpler once you start using it. You can use and see what options work best for your dog. Most of these options are either self-clean or easy to clean and odor free, so you don’t have to spend more time in cleaning.