biodegradable pee pads

Ultra absorption.

Exclusive Print.

Designed to keep your space uncompromisingly stylish

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Modular Trayz.

Bigger isn't always better... But it sure is when it comes to Pee Padz. Missing isn't an option, so connect some Trayz to form a can't be missed potty

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Each pad is equipped with a durable, 20% biodegradable plastic sheet

Disguises Stains.

Our sustainably grown bamboo charcoal topper is specially designed to absorb urine, hide stains and control odours


We have a naughty little dog named Lola. She has to pee. A lot. We also have flooring that we like. Thankfully, these Pee Padz attract Lola and are super stylish! This has saved Lola many scoldings. It has also saved the beauty and integrity of our hardwood floors. And our place does not stink when we get home!


We love that these are biodegradable! Oh and how on earth does the puppy know to go here? Oscar used them right away. Awesome product and literally absorbs as fast as the video they show. FYI, each pad has sticky tape tabs on the corners so you can stick them to the Trayz or floor!


People who visit think it's a designer doormat! I have a shih tzu and he picked up going on them right away. He’s 14 and can’t go out in bad weather. Each pad is very absorbent. It will hold an entire pee with room to spare. Also, I purchased Trayz and connected 2 pads together and he has never missed. 

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